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Billy Smith Counselling » Blog » Everyday Therapy – One Situation. Two experiences.

Everyday Therapy – One Situation. Two experiences.

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Everyday Counselling

Two Truths

Everyday counselling can help us to reflect on situations. The meaning we give to a problem may be our truth. But, could there be another truth?

  • Two people share an experience.
  • There will be two versions of that experience.
  • Each person is a mixture of past, present and hoped-for future. 
  • Reflection can give clues to the way the experiential ‘lens’ has skewed the experience.
  • The ‘lens’ fixes the experience within the individual.
  • Therefore, there can be two truths.
  • The same situation on a different day –  can result in other truths.

Just an opinion. Feel free to add comments.

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