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If you’re looking for counselling or therapy in Truro, Cornwall, you probably want to know that the counsellor is experienced and qualified. You also want to make sure they are trustworthy and have an office near where you live.

You don’t want to settle for a bad fit with your counsellor because you must connect with them and feel comfortable talking about your problems.

The Drummer, Truro. Counsellor in Truro

Billy Smith Counselling has been helping people overcome their problems since 2013 with a range of services, including face-to-face counselling in Truro, Cornwall and surrounding areas e.g. Helston.  Additionally, I offer online counselling using video calls for those who prefer not to meet face-to-face. My private practice provides confidential therapy for individuals, couples and teenagers struggling with, for example, relationship issues, stress, mens issues, low self-esteem and domestic abuse.

I am a registered member of BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists), which means I have undergone extensive training to be a person-centred counsellor.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a therapeutic relationship with a counsellor who listens without judging, is honest and empathic. It offers you an opportunity to explore complicated feelings, thoughts and experiences in your life so they become less scary, overwhelming and can be dealt with more effectively. A safe space where you will feel heard.

Appointments will not only allow us the space to deal with problems, but it also offers a chance for personal growth and development. In addition, the relationship can be significant to people in helping them find their inner strengths; therapy is about resolving difficulties and finding what gives meaning to your life.

You may feel happier after sessions or less troubled by things that used to get on top of you. I provide a safe place to talk about anything that’s on your mind. It’s confidential so what we discuss stays between us except for the risk of significant harm.

I aim to provide a person with a non-judgemental, honest, empathic and confidential space to explore presenting issues and offer support moving forward. Whether it be depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-blame, stress or life changes. As a fully qualified member of the BACP, I aim to support clients to feel free and improve their mental health.

How much does a session cost?

If appropriate, an initial session will cost £50 or £80 for couples (£35 or £54 online). For couples, you don’t need to attend as a couple. Along with most counsellors, I offer a sliding scale for those experiencing financial difficulty. In addition, there is a COVID response offer of 50% discount for new clients for online appointments. The pandemic has been challenging – I want to help!

Private practice for counselling and therapy.

Billy Smith Counselling, Truro

The practice offers individual, young person and relationship counselling, men’s issues. Sessions can be beneficial in many different ways—for example, panic attacks, anger management, and trauma. Additionally, for those experiencing anxiety or feeling guilt, relationship problems, self-doubt, and general problems life throws at us. Sessions can also help individuals build resilience after having suffered from trauma such as bereavement or an assault. Finally, sessions are for people who are struggling with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem.

People of all ages come to counselling and psychotherapy for different reasons, including relationship difficulties between individuals and their parents or siblings. They may be experiencing challenges in romantic relationships and may require the support of a relationship counsellor. Young people can access the service for teenagers. If self-harm is an issue, please go to my post, Teenagers and Self-harm.

Billy Smith Counselling, Truro

My practice also helps people experiencing difficulties with their children, such as managing pregnancy, parenting or separation. It can be helpful for parents of older teenagers to come along on some sessions to learn how to best support them during this difficult time.

What about Coronavirus?

A distressed woman in a mask. A counsellor in Truro.

There is a lot of concern about the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been monitoring the virus and has released information about it. There are several ways to protect yourself from the virus, including washing your hands regularly, covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick.

As with other mental health professionals, I’ve had to adapt to the times. For face-to-face sessions, the consulting room is wiped down between sessions. I use a well-ventilated room. I also offer online counselling appointments for clients who’d prefer that option – virtual home visits! As a person-centred, qualified counsellor, delivery is tailored to the individual client.

What is an assessment session?

I offer a free 20-minute online consultation. The consultation is an opportunity to meet me and for us both to find out whether the sessions can help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. The assessment session can be over the telephone or online if this suits the individual client. If we decide together that sessions could be helpful, we can make an appointment for your first session.

How long will counselling take?

A counsellor can help you achieve your goals, whether short term counselling or several sessions, either consecutively or over a while depends on what we feel would be helpful for us both to work towards together. I offer sessions in Truro, Cornwall, weekly during the day. I also offer online therapy, which is very convenient if you live outside of Truro, Cornwall, as we do not need to meet face-to-face.

To sum up.

Counselling can be a valuable resource for those who are struggling with their mental health. However, if you’re not sure if counselling is right for your needs, contact Billy Smith Counselling to learn more about the services I offer and how they could change your life to be the person you want to be.

If you’re unsure if counselling is for you, I offer a FREE 20-minute consultation on the telephone or video call. You can request that appointment on my contact page or through my social media accounts. However, if you’d prefer to speak with someone by phone instead, please call me today on 01209 832826.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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