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Counselling and Covid-19

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COVID-19 and your mental wellbeing.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard. I want to help you live your dreams and make the most of your potential.

A pandemic, for most people, is an event that makes them fear for their lives. It forces them to be concerned about their health and those around them.

Global pandemic-induced symptoms can be tough to deal with. However, Covid-19 counselling and therapy work with you to manage and remove those symptoms. It can be either face-to-face or online. Counselling and therapy can cover a range of concerns from emotional and psychological troubles to marital problems and provide mental health support.

Faced with an outbreak of a dramatic viral pandemic, it is hard to know what to do and how to deal with the symptoms you may be experiencing and witnessing in those around you. Billy Smith Counselling offers sessions for many different situations, including isolation and quarantine.

Covid-19 online mental health services and face-to-face counselling work with you to reduce the symptoms of stress associated with Covid-19, offering a place to talk about your feelings and worries. You can speak to someone confidentially online or attend a face-to-face session. This can help support you after traumatic events such as loss or deal with a range of concerns from trauma to relationship problems to isolation and other mental health problems.

Are you feeling overwhelmed due to Covid-19?

Do you feel like you could be approaching burnout? Is there more going on with your family than you can handle? It’s no wonder. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has impacted each of us in different ways. Increasing isolation and quarantine make communication and connection even more challenging for both the client and counsellor. Consequently, online services have been developed within counselling and psychotherapy to complement the support offered by healthcare professionals.

When dealing with circumstances stemming from Covid-19 and its impact, it is possible to reduce symptoms and provide continuing therapy, if needed, making life much more tolerable. For example, when families are struggling together, therapy can help them through Covid- 19. The most common symptoms that people experience are grief, anxiety and depression. Therapy will help you find a way to deal with your feelings and get through this difficult time.

Covid sanitizer station outside a supermarket.When we lose someone we love during the Coronavirus pandemic; we need to take time for ourselves to grieve our loss. I can help us cope with our loss properly as we understand what has happened.

In some cases, it is possible to experience other physical problems. With counselling and therapy, you can find help whenever you need it. Sometimes just having someone available to talk to is all you need to get through the day and address mental health problems.

What is Counselling?

There’s no quick fix for your problems – after all, they developed over time. However, sessions with an experienced specialist practitioner can help you understand your feelings and behaviour and find solutions.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who you can talk to, especially personal information. Many people try to deal with this alone, but this can make problems worse.

We live in a fast-paced, demanding world, and events can sometimes leave us stressed or feeling low. Of course, no one’s life is perfect, and everyone has regrets – but it doesn’t have to impact negatively on you forever.

It is a talking therapy that helps people explore their feelings and relationships and find a way forward.

It helps with various mental health conditions—for example, depression and self-esteem, panic attacks, and low self-confidence. People choose counselling to help them be the best they possibly can be.

Counselling can help you get to the root of what’s bothering you. Then, with support and guidance from a counsellor who understands how you feel, your mind can be rejuvenated by receiving different perspectives that may help you work out how to change the situation for the better.

For more information, see my Counselling page here.

What can counselling offer you?

It can provide help for a range of challenges that may arise as a result of Covid-19:

  • You might feel isolated.
  • You may have lost a loved one.
  • You may be experiencing symptoms that are hard to deal with.

It helps you understand and manage your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships.

Talking therapies are particularly effective at helping people deal with challenges by providing a safe place to talk through their worries without fear of judgement or criticism. Therapy offers you the opportunity to discuss how you’re feeling and what’s causing difficulties, allowing you to make sense of your emotions.

Counselling can help improve your mental health by:

  • Helping you identify what is causing your tension and improving your mental health.
  • Providing a space where you can discuss how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours affect you.
  • Finding ways to reduce generalised tension through relaxation techniques and self-help strategies.
  • Resolving specific issues that may be contributing to the problem Providing support in isolation or quarantine.

If you need help dealing with stress, contact me today.

Visit the website or contact me today for further information!

Find out why counselling is such an effective solution.Keep you distance! distanced chairs in a doctors surgery.

Many people will benefit from this form of therapy.

The stigma behind therapy has reduced dramatically over the last decade, but there are still many people who don’t yet see it as a way to get help.

With so much stigma around this form of therapy, it is easy to decide against seeking it out when you suffer from some problem or psychological distress. However, don’t delay this any longer because too long, and it could take longer to get better than if you had started sooner.

Therapy doesn’t necessarily mean a formal therapy session sitting across from a psychologist or counsellor talking about your problems for an hour. For example, we may use photographs to aid communication.

The options for how you can receive counselling.

Therapy can help give you a confidential space to talk about what’s troubling you, explore your feelings and develop new ways of thinking and behaving that could improve your situation.

Are you feeling stuck? At breaking-point? If you’re suffering, much of your distress is probably due to the issues you’re facing. A counsellor will listen to you, help you get clarity on your problems, and guide you towards feelings of calm and peace.

There are two main ways to receive therapy:

1. Face to face, in-person sessions.

Face to face counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained counsellor (often called a therapist in the USA) listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues and help you to better mental health.

My practice offers a person-centred, professional counselling and therapy service that has helped people overcome their problems since 2013. The practice provides face to face services in West Cornwall, including Truro, Falmouth, Helston, Redruth and Camborne and online for those further afield.

To talk to someone today, call this number 01209 832826 or contact me through the website:

Counselling and psychotherapy face to face or online? You choose!

2. How online counselling works?

Unfortunately, during the Covid-19 outbreak, many people feel unwilling or unable to visit their friends, relatives, or healthcare workers who could put them at risk. Online counselling and psychotherapy could help those affected to access psychological support. People can discuss their feelings and thoughts with a professional therapist from the comfort of their own home or wherever they feel safe. Furthermore, online sessions overcome clients’ worries regarding social distancing or exposure to the virus.

I use the Sessions platform. Remote services are becoming increasingly common in this era of self-isolation and social distancing. Additionally, clients do not have to concern themselves with face coverings or extra travel.

Sessions is HIPPA compliant, i.e. ‘The purpose of the HIPAA Security Rule is mainly to ensure electronic health data is appropriately secured, access to electronic health data is controlled, and an auditable trail of PHI activity is maintained.’

Online for:

  • Affordability.
  • Convenience.
  • Security.

Sessions is a specialised therapy platform with innovative features designed to give you the best experience with your therapist and make it easier to get connected with them.

With Sessions, you connect directly with a counsellor in real-time, wherever you are, so you can schedule and handle your appointment whenever is best for you. The security options are also top of the line (see above).

A study from Stanford University found that 87% of people claim connecting with their therapist online positively impacts their overall therapy experience.

Sessions was developed by an experienced psychologist and has undergone thorough independent testing for safety and accuracy.

A rural area like Cornwall, or wherever people live in remote areas or have a social life that doesn’t allow for regular sessions will benefit the most from this convenient service.

Click here to learn more.

To sum up:

Counselling and therapy have been shown to have a range of promising benefits regarding the Coronavirus pandemic as well as pre-existing conditions. These include improved mood, reduced anxiety, improved interpersonal relationships, and increased coping skills (In A Counseling Context). In addition, a therapist can be consulted face-to-face or online whether you live near a town or not.

Online options are beneficial for quarantine victims and survivors who are otherwise isolated from the rest of the world. In addition, people in the farming community may find online counselling convenient and beneficial in the circumstances. 

Call today on 07955 296052 or through the website:

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