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Counselling in Cornwall – BACP Registered – Person-Centred Counsellor

If you are looking for a therapist or counsellor in Cornwall, visit Billy SmithBilly Smith Counselling, Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom Counselling, for low-cost counselling. My practice offers a person-centred, professional counselling and therapy service that has helped people overcome their problems since 2013.

Unit 1, Coinage Ope, Helston, TR13 8EB, 07955296052

The practice provides counselling services in West Cornwall, including Truro, Falmouth, Helston, Redruth and Camborne. Additionally, telephone and online counselling are offered in West Cornwall and further afield.

Face to face, Teenagers, Men £50 per session face to face, £35 online. Relationships £80 per session for 2 face to face, £54 online.

Why is counselling important? Some people think it’s just a waste of time, but I bet they’re the same type of person who will read this and not take any action. It’s never too late to start taking steps towards solving your problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to see a Counsellor?

In the UK, counsellors typically charge around £40-£60 per session, but prices vary between providers, so it’s always worth looking into exactly how much each counsellor or agency charges before committing.

How much does it cost to see a Counsellor? I provide an introductory free consultation session. Sessions are £50 (£35 online).

What is the difference between a therapist and a counsellor?

Counselling and therapy are often used interchangeably, but there is a distinction between them. Counsellors tend to focus on solving problems, whereas therapists help people deal with their thoughts and emotions.

The benefits of seeking counselling for those in Cornwall include: building self-esteem, gaining new perspectives on life events, and increasing understanding of oneself and others.

Can anybody call themselves a counsellor in the UK?

As a counsellor and therapist, I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and verified by Psychology Today.

However, according to a BBC inquiry, no regulations prohibit people from practising as therapists or counsellors in the United Kingdom. So, can anybody call themselves a counsellor in the UK? Yes, so check.

BACP Registered service.

Do you have issues you’d like help with?

Billy Smith Counselling provides affordable services for adults and young people to help them come to terms with past experiences positively. For example;

and more to free your emotional lives.

I offer sessions face to face and online in Truro, Helston, Redruth, Camborne, Pool and Falmouth and online sessions for the rest of Cornwall and beyond. A fully qualified counsellor and therapist, I am BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) registered and follow their Code of Ethics. Let me guide you towards positive change.

Need to talk? I’m here for you.


A low-cost counselling service for Cornwall and beyond. I’ll be there for you with a non-judgemental, listening ear in a confidential environment. So you don’t have to go through this alone!

What is person-centred counselling and therapy?

This type of therapy focuses on the individual’s needs and wants rather than what society expects. It helps people find the answers they need so they can live their lives more fully.

For more information, take a look at this post about person-centred therapy.

Counselling and therapy- an accepting and confidential space.

As your counsellor and therapist, I will,

  • provide a safe, confidential relationship for you to explore your feelings,
  • be honest with you – congruence,
  • try to understand your point of view – empathy,
  • not judge you – unconditional positive regard.

In your sessions, we will explore any difficulties to improve your well-being, emotional and mental health.

Billy Smith. Anxiety and depression Services for Cornwall.

You will;

  • talk about your problems with someone  trained in counselling and therapy,
  • relieve the stress you feel,
  • have a place where you can tell all of your deepest secrets without feeling judged.


The work we do together is confidential.

Does counselling help?

Do you feel like your life is out of control? Are you struggling to cope with the pressures of everyday life? If so, I can help.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • It can help people make sense of their problems and find new ways to cope with them.
  • It can help people identify what they want for themselves to live a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • It can improve relationships, support employment prospects, and positively impact the health of individuals who attend sessions regularly.

A support service for teenagers.

“Billy has provided an open, non-judgmental, and comfortable space for me to explore why I fall into self-defeating cycles of negative thinking and see that my thoughts and feelings are of value and relevance. He has helped me break down these cycles to see how my ways of thinking manifested themselves and what steps I could take to break them. As I said, it can be tough, and I did not always like ‘looking at myself’, but Billy’s patience and empathy have encouraged this.”


Difficulties with relationship?

An evaluation of the effectiveness of person‐centred counselling and therapy in routine clinical practice concluded that:

The results indicate that person-centred counselling is effective for clients with common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Furthermore, effectiveness is not limited to individuals with mild to moderate symptoms of recent onset but extends to people with moderate to severe symptoms of longer duration.

Isabel Gibbard Terry Hanley. First published: 17 November 2008 

With these benefits in mind, it’s not difficult to see why many people choose counsellors as their first port-of-call when looking for someone who will offer support during tough times.

How long does therapy or counselling take?

One of the most common questions people ask when researching counselling and therapy is “how long does therapy or it take?”

Every person is different, and the duration will vary. For example, some people feel that they need to work on their issues for a few months, whereas others may find it helpful to complete one session per week. As your counsellor, I will discuss this with you and help you decide what might suit your needs best.

If you have any questions about how long it might take, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via the contact page.

What happens in counselling sessions?

Help with your relationship. Couples counsellor. A couple with anxiety. Therapy could help relieve emotional distress.

Sessions are a safe space for talking through your thoughts and feelings with a trained professional. This is usually done in person but can also be done over the telephone or online, if necessary.

I will listen to what you have to say without judgement and won’t tell you what they think is best for you – we’ll work together until we find a solution that works for you.

The primary purpose of counselling is not to diagnose mental health problems but rather to help people learn how their minds work, understand themselves better, and change their lives.

Stressed person. Anxiety depression relationships.You might want someone to talk things through with who understands how difficult it can be when feeling stuck in challenging circumstances.

You are a real person with a real story, the expert on yourself!

How often do sessions take place?

Counselling sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. It all depends on your needs. Some people keep going back for regular sessions to maintain progress, while others can work through their issues with less frequent visits.

The frequency of counselling will need to be discussed during your first session to get an idea of what would work best for you.

What happens if I have to change or cancel an appointment?

You can change or cancel your appointment with 24-hour notice on weekdays.

Payments are to be made before sessions. Fees for sessions need to be paid at least 48 hours before your booked session, or I will consider it cancelled. Payments can be made weekly but must be paid 24 hours in advance.

For ease of admin, Monday sessions need to be paid by 7 p.m. on the Friday of the week before. For all other sessions, payment must reach us by 5 p.m. the day before.

Sessions are arranged in advance for an agreed date and time. If you are late, I will wait for 10 minutes. If you have not contacted me during this time, the session will be missed and cancelled. You will be charged.

If you are late attending your session, we will still end at the original end time for the session.

What about Confidentiality and Privacy?

Privacy and confidentiality apply to the service and clients.

Counselling Cornwall - Relationships.- bootprint, Porthleven, Beach.

  • You’ll be able to talk about your problems with someone who is BACP registered.
  • Be able to relieve the stress you feel.
  • Have a place where you can tell all of your deepest secrets without feeling judged.

The work we do together takes place in a confidential environment, face to face or online. However, there are particular circumstances in which therapists/counsellors can break confidentiality. For example, if it comes to their attention that the client presents an imminent risk of harm to people – this would include you as well!

Breaking confidentiality has its reasons and will depend on what’s best suited at any time; however, all of these guidelines come under the BACP Code of Ethics, so I must always act no matter how difficult situations get.

You can now self-refer by completing my online referral form.

Clients can self refer via my contact form.

Reach out for support with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and other difficulties.

Billy Smith Counselling – Counselling Cornwall.

To sum up.

Counselling can be a powerful tool for improving your mental health and emotional well-being. Many people find it an empowering form of self-care that helps them better understand themselves and their emotions.

When you’re ready to take the next step towards healing, contact me. I am non-judgemental, empathic and honest in my approach with clients, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Do you want to heal?

Contact me now!

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